John Gosling
Designer & Developer

My Background
I am a programmer, designer, artist, businessman, producer, and anything else that needs to get done. My true strength lies in the diversity of my experiences and abilities. Anything I don't already know, I'm eager and able to learn, practice, and refine.

I come from a long background in the visual arts, and trained in game design with supplemental programming and business classes during college. I expanded into production and management, then began to focus on programming. After graduating cum laude from Columbia College Chicago, I founded and developed projects under Level Zero Games.

I was hired as Lead Software Engineer at Project44, where I led the software team, developed and refactored code, designed new features, created UI and UX, and administrated our production and development servers. I also took on Project Management roles: developing tasks, agendas, and running Agile sprints; establishing and administrating company tools like JIRA, ticketing systems, and Slack; communicating between the developers and management; interviewing over 50+ candidates and hiring a completely new engineering team. During my tenure the company rapidly expanded, won vast venture capital, and moved to bigger offices with more staff. After taking a new contract to train up their new support team and get the new staff acclimated to the project, I took my leave so I could work on my personal health and well being, and spend more time with my family.  

Currently I'm accepting offers for freelance and short-term contracting work, and returning to a beloved project that has been on my back-burner for far too long... Net Gain: Corporate Espionage
Digital Artwork

Level Zero Games

[Level Zero Games Portfolio]

I sought out the most ambitious students at Columbia College Chicago who wanted to create innovative works outside of class. I founded and was elected President of the Game Production Club, encouraging and supporting other students to begin extracurricular projects.

Under the banner of Level Zero Games, I assembled and managed 18 people in different teams working on multiple projects. I managed the projects, and was often also the designer and/or artist and/or any other job that needed doing.

After school I established Level Zero Games as an official business, published a worldwide selling card game called Node, and released Net Gain: Stories on Android. Net Gain: Corporate Espionage, my cyberpunk strategy game, was successfully Kickstarted and is currently under development.

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